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Putting Patients First

Private Consultation Patients
  • Offer a comprehensive review of patient’s disease process and treatment options to customize an action plan aimed at improving quality of life and decreasing stressors

  • Expert management of symptoms and stressors by an interdisciplinary care team

  • Coordinate and co-manage care with PCP and other medical providers towards a shared goal of providing support and improving life expectancy

  • Advance care planning, assisting with health care proxy, living will and long-term care placement evaluation

  • Goal setting and legacy building sessions with patients and family.

  • Coordinate family conferences for teaching and education

  • Management of pain and side effects related to disease treatment

  • Management of psychological symptoms associate with disease burden.

  • Counseling offered by a spiritual advisor to help navigate the existential distress associated with terminal illness

  • Nutrition counseling and meal planning

  • Referral coordination as needed for physical, speech or occupational therapy

Community-Based Palliative Care Patients

  • Utilizes an interdisciplinary team for home or facility bound patient with serious illnesses to improve quality of life and reduce unnecessary hepatizations

  • Patient and caregiver education and support, outlining what to expect, clarifying goals and values, and supporting shared decision-making.

  • Advance care planning, evaluation for hospice or nursing home placement

  • Facility referral for aide services to meet personal care needs

  • Care plan coordination across all providers and community services

  • Ongoing support of patients and families including telehealth with 24/7 access

Our professional social worker will work with all patients to ensure they receive compassionate,

whole-person care that addresses their symptoms, reflects their care wishes and supports their families and caregivers. The social worker may conduct home visits to help clients and their families establish effective palliative care at home.  

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